Race Project

The development of Race Project started on May 2020, the progress was quite good and all friends liked the gameplay. But then we realized some major network synchronization problems, which lead us to switch the network concept.

In October 2020 we had an working example which fixed all problems and now we have a solid base to work with.


After some tests we started to add three Gamemodes.

Destruction Derby (DD)
Demolition Derbys (DM)

My personal favorite Gamemode is Demolition Derby (DM), the essence of this mode is to finish the parkour as fast as possible to get an Tank. Yes you heard right, we have Tanks in game. But you can’t destroy other people, you can give them hard pushes.

The goal is to get the last survivor to win !

Than we have Destruction Derby (DD), this is a really simple but also hard mode. You need to survive to win, but you need here a little bit more skill and you need to the handling of your vehicle. Good luck! haha

Last but not least, we have the Race Mode. This mode is really simple, you will only win the round if you have a low track time.

But be aware, we have three pickups implemented which could change your vehicle, repair it or you can gain some nitro! Maybe changing a vehicle is not the best deal, watch out!

Released On

26. June 2021


Bearded Monkeys

File Size

3 GB


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