Huge Update is incoming!


We are working on a big update for Race Project which will be out soon.


All vehicles has been replaced. Each vehicle has the ability now to have a collision system e.g. to detach parts like the bumpers. The visual collision system is not implemented yet but will be delivered after this update has been released.


The behaviour of each vehicle is now more natural but also with an touch of arcade. The air movement has been reworked also the system when the vehicle is lying on the roof, it’s now easier to recover the vehicle after a crash.


The network system is completly replaced which means the complete code base had been renewed.
We are happy to moved this step, because we had a lot of issues with the old one.

Steam integration

This features are integrated

  • Lobby system for client hosted games, so you don’t need to start a dedicated server!
  • Join your friends game, by right click on their name and join his game
  • Workshop, to upload your map on the Steam Workshop and share it with others (or not by making it private)

Map Editor

It’s now multiplayer ready, so your friends can fly as spectators give you some feedback and when you press on the Play button they will also get a vehicle and are able to test the map with you.
Currently it’s hard locked to 4 players and friends only.

The new save system will also upload your map automatically to the Steam Workshop.

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